What would it mean if restocking work was done automatically and remotely? The Japanese convenience store FamilyMart, partnered with Telexistence to create the first ‘stock boy’, which is controlled by an operator through VR. This innovation can help restock multiple stores with only one operator, as long as the stores had the same layout.
Once again, routine work is being disrupted by automation and AI. What are the implications of this disruption for the future of human creativity?

Seven-Foot Robots Stacking Shelves In Japanese Stores

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, seven-foot robots are now stacking shelves in popular convenience stores across Japan. That’s right folks: we’ve already had the Pentagon officially releasing three UFO videos; we’ve had Kanye West announcing he was running for president; and, most recently, we’ve had signs of alien life being discovered …

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