Metallaxis is the path to the future, much more than just a gate to it. Metallaxis provides much more than an understanding of what the future brings. It provides the tools to prepare for it, the springboard we all need to stay ahead and be successfully and actively part of it. Metallaxis is much more than dreaming. It is about doing what you need to make these dreams come true. Metallaxis is all about the unseen proximity of the future to today, and the urgency required in our actions. It is devoted to ensuring constant, massive, positive change. Not for once, not for some, not in one place. Continuous, systemic, organic progress, from society and for society as a whole. Metallaxis is about sharing a vision. And knowledge. And concerns. It is a catalyst based on the collective power of forward-thinking visionaries, as much as the hard work, hopes and fears of everyday “soldiers” of life. Metallaxis is about the bright side. The good side. It is about our better selves, our better families, friends, and colleagues. Our better homes, our better schools, businesses and institutions. It is about our better neighbourhoods, our better cities, our society, our planet. Metallaxis is about all the smaller or larger interconnected pieces of this multi-colored puzzle of humanity. A puzzling, ever-changing system that pulsates, shines, hums, and reforms, as we strive to survive and – instead – we manage to thrive. Metallaxis is about staying strong, staying ahead, and staying together.

That is how we see, that is how we shape the future. Join us.