By 2025, 95% of customer interactions will be powered by digital humans!

Digital humans are becoming a worldwide trend. They can already recognise both verbal and non-verbal cues, like facial expressions or voice tone, making our interaction with them seamless.

What does this mean for the future of customer service? Here are some predictions:
-Increased personalisation of customer service. This can result in higher brand awareness, as well as aid in creating emotional connections with users.
-Decreased labor costs. This can create opportunities for humans to be given more creative roles in the companies, resulting in improvements in job satisfaction as well as psychological well-being.
-Higher customer satisfaction due to quick, in-depth responses.
Want to learn more? Click below to read about how and why major companies have partnered up with digital humans.

IBM, Amazon and Others Launch Consortium to Build Digital Humans With UneeQ

IBM, Amazon, Deloitte, DXC, and Accenture are partnering with digital human experts at UneeQ to push the advance and ongoing adoption of advanced conversational AI, according to a recent press release. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has found its way into a wide spectrum of human experiences – from routine transactions to meaningful, life-changing events.

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