About transformation

Evolution is not random, said a recent article we read. Evolution is often said to be “blind,” because there’s no outside force guiding natural selection. But rather than only random mutations (which are an undeniable fact), what if we could “tweak” the rules and add some hocus-pocus to the recipe and make the scale lean towards… the good side. Welcome to Metallaxis.

Transformation is about changing into something new. On the bright side of it, something better, stronger, more resilient, more resourceful, intelligent and sustainable. This is our vision… As transforming ourselves in a fast changing world becomes a need, we seek to rule transformation, to minimize the impact of luck and use the power of collective wisdom we can nowadays share to advance society fast, effectively, constantly and in real time. Together.

Transformation must, however, be sustainable in order to be successful. And in order for it to be successful, it must be systemic, holistic, all inclusive… This underlying axiom rules the work of Metallaxis. Based on creating an ecosystem of positive thinking and even impactful “doing”, we work to understand the systemic impact of each sector on each concentric circle of our existence. And shed the light on a better future, we can all move forward to, and thrive as humans.