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The future of transport is either under or overground!

But for Switzerland, the future of transport is currently taking on the underground options!

Image source: IEEE Spectrum.

Last year, Switzerland approved the underground delivery transportation in the country. “This means that starting next month, Switzerland can officially commence works towards making this a reality”, says Interesting Engineering.

As cities grow and population increases, we need to be innovative and proactive in designing for more sustainability, efficiency and wellbeing. This is why Cargo Sous Terrain was created. It acts as a collaborative system between transport, retail, telecommunications, and energy industries. In essence, this new concept utilises the principle of automatic conveyor systems to connect to city centres. Autonomous vertical lifts load and unload the goods to a completely underground transportation system. Food and chilled deliveries are not excluded from this initiative as refrigeration vehicles have also been designed. Watch their video on this project below!

Cargo sous terrain – The Future of Freight Transport

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