Helping Indian farmers escape poverty through technology.

Technology can be key to helping Indian farmers escape a cycle of poverty.

Although agriculture is the main source of income for about 58% of India’s population and makes up 18% of the country’s GDP annually, several issues impact the supply chain.

Image Credits: Dezeen

“The supply chain has several logistical, infrastructural and mobility issues. On average, a farmer travels 12km to reach the nearest marketplace, as opposed to the recommended 5km radius, according to the National Farm Commission. The presence of many intermediaries between the farmer and consumer leads to a cost inflation of 250 per cent, and lowers the freshness of produce. Many farmers do not buy farming equipment despite subsidies, due to fixed costs and maintenance.”, said Madhav Dua, the designer behind this project. This is why he designed multifunctional, customizable electric vehicle.

This vehicle can be used for activities including surface tillage, seeding, baling and other agricultural operations. “It can also be used as a delivery vehicle for crops and vegetables to connect farmers directly to buyers.”, says Dezeen. Furthermore, the solar panels that have been installed in the roof gather sunlight all day and store energy which besides being a back-up power source, can also be utilised to run farmers’ households. Click here below to read more!

Image Credits: Dezeen

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