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Technology and Wellbeing: Intelligent utensils for those who need it.

Can you think of actions in your every day life that make you feel independent?

Maybe they’re related to your work or your responsibilities. But either way, chances are that you didn’t think of eating.

Being able to eat without needing help is one of the most basic forms of independence. It means you are able to take care of yourself. It also means you’ve got more freedom over your life, your social presence and your schedule.

Yet so many people are not able to enjoy this independence. They have to rely on others to feed them either due to either physiological or neurodegenerative diseases that cause tremors and impact one’s ability to coordinate and balance their body.

Innovations that matter care about inclusivity. This innovation is an electric utensil that cuts shaking by over 70%, allowing individuals the freedom of a stress-free meal. Watch the video below.

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