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Metallaxis on Sustainability: EV company to build long wireless charging road for the first time.

Making the future of transportation electric now became easier.

Last year, researchers talked about a method of charging electric vehicles while driving. This was only a theory then, but is now becoming increasingly popular and adopted by several countries. The first mile-long wireless charging road is currently being developed in Detroit by Electreon, the globally-known Israeli provider of wireless electric vehicle charging technology.

How does this technology work? It transfers magnetic frequency from metal coils that are buried under the road to some receivers featured on the lower part of the electric vehicles. If adopted in more regions, we can expect a significant increase in electric vehicles throughout the world.

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In a first, EV company builds 1-mile long wireless road in Detroit

Last May, researchers introduced a method that could make charging electric vehicles while driving a reality. This technology is now here and will soon be used on a U.S. road, according to a press release by the Israeli provider of wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging technology Electreon.

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