Technology & Inclusivity: Apps that supported education during school closures.

Three are the start-ups that are extremely worth mentioning for having supported inclusive education during Covid-19, according to the World Economic Forum. Which are they and how did they achieve this?

  1. Learnable is an application that uses AI, AR and machine learning to enable teachers to create rich educational content that can be shared over low bandwidths, using WhatsApp.
  2. Ekatra is a platform that, through text-messages, allows students to participate in micro-courses.
  3. Call-a-Kahaani: This application uses stories and a voice-activation technology to interact with users in a unique way and cultivate a mindset for continuous learning.This technology can be accessed using any mobile phone or landline (no need for internet) which makes it ideal for areas with little or no digital infrastructure.

Click below to read the full article on the World Economic Forum.

These startups are making education accessible using phone calls, texts and WhatsApp

Many low-income students, particularly in rural settings, struggle to access digital learning. These start-ups may have the solution.

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