Technology & Inclusivity: Online Learning closes the global skill gap.

Online learning creates unique opportunities to democratise good quality education and reduce global inequalities. But remote learning’s potential was not fully recognised before Covid-19; the pandemic significantly contributed to the acceleration of this trend. School and business closures due to social distancing regulations, showed us that doing everything online is possible (maybe at times even better than physical presence).

Coursera’s Impact Report demonstrates a three-fold increase in online course registration after Covid-19. More specifically, between 2019-2020, 7 million users registered for Coursera, but between 2020-2021, global users jumped from 71 million to 92 million. The largest growth was observed in developing nations, with countries like Lebanon, Indonesia, Kenya, Vietnam and Kazakhstan leading the remote learning growth.

With more people adopting remote learning tools, we can ensure a more prosperous future for all. Click below to read the full report.

Introducing the Coursera Impact Report 2021 – Coursera Blog

By Jeff Maggioncalda, CEO, Coursera Early in the pandemic, online learning shaped the response to a global crisis that changed the way we learn. More than a year later, new trends show that the combined force of online learning and remote work is creating a powerful opportunity to provide not just skills but more equitable job opportunities worldwide.

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