Technology & Inclusivity: Addressing biases in the hiring process with technology.

A “Technophobe” Explains the Benefits of Technology for the Workplace.

Technology is not perfect. But it will only make the same mistake once. Then all devices and all algorithms across the world will be informed and updated so that the error doesn’t occur again. This means that it is improving rapidly and that it will soon become (even more) normal for us to depend on tech insights to guide our decisions. And one of these decisions is who to hire.

You might be thinking “I am not biased and I don’t discriminate”. But not all discrimination is conscious and intentional. And that’s where technology comes in.

Areas such as gendered language in job adverts are highlighted and users are encouraged to stop and think and test the language before they sign off on an ad. It is clear that technological interventions can help make workplaces more fair, equitable and divers

Rachel Osikoya at World Economic Forum

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How We Can Use Tech to Improve Diversity in The Workplace

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