Confused about Metaverse? These talks will clear things up!

A lot of confusion has emerged after Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook and named it ‘Meta’. How did this happen? And what IS Meta?

Maybe you missed this talk from a few years ago, when Film maker George Bloom shared the news that Zuckerberg had purchased a VR company called Oculus. Oculus specialised in Virtual Reality, as well as in creating virtual spaces; spaces that Bloom had used in his movies to avoid the large costs finding a good set & location. He explained that with Oculus, you could put on your glasses and walk through any setting of your choice. And he realized that this not only changes the future of filmmaking: but of our world as well.

With metaverse, the boundaries between physical and virtual interactions are being blurred. The conversations you have with people online, will feel real and you will be able to see them and sit next to them (as if you had gone out to grab a coffee… only in more time and cost efficient way. Not to mention at a fraction of the carbon footprint that you would have had!)

Click below to watch this talk from 2014, as well as the talk released a few days ago that shows Meta in action!

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