This is the mindset your business needs to become more agile!

In this recent blog post, Adam Grant explores what thinking like a scientist means and how it can drive business growth. So what does thinking like a scientist means in business? And can you use it in your business? Well, let’s explore what this mindset is and how you can make it part of your business strategy!

For Adam Grant it means seeing a business like an experiment where you make hypotheses, test them out and evaluate their performance in relation to your other hypotheses. It means seeing failure as data waiting to be analysed, discussed and evaluated, in order to identify new ways of moving forwards. And these are all qualities that can be learned.

In fact, in an experiment conducted by Grant and his team, they found that “the entrepreneurs who had been randomly assigned to learn to think like scientists brought in more than 40 times the revenue of the control group”.

Click below to read the full article and to learn how you can train your team to think like scientists!

Adam Grant on leadership, emotional intelligence, and the value of thinking like a scientist

Adam Grant, the organizational psychologist and Wharton professor who has lauded the virtues of procrastination and diagnosed what may be 2021’s dominant emotion (” languishing”), joined our North America Managing Partner Liz Hilton Segel and other McKinsey leaders for a conversation on building resilient teams and thriving in uncertain times.

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