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AI can optimise therapy, helping millions of people in need.

AI is known for being able to go through endless amounts of data and making sense of it, creating reports that can help businesses with their decision-making and aiding in their resource optimisation. However, AI can help in another sector too: that of therapy.

Millions of people who have difficult, challenging experiences go to therapy to help them overcome them. What if, with the same resources, we could help 2x the people we do right now, with better results?

This is where AI comes in to save the day, and we have already seen amazing results with McKinsey. McKinsey helped an NGO analyse their data to optimise their services and help modern slavery survivors get better, faster! This task involved running an algorithm that would go through all the cases and analyse the factors that contributed to higher wellbeing, lower remission rates and faster recoveries. After conducting this analysis, the results were shared with the NGO, who was able to optimise the therapy process and reach double the survivors in one year!

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Inside a project that used AI to help survivors of modern slavery

For survivors of modern slavery, the end of the nightmare is hardly the end of the story. After rescue or escape, the recovery process begins. That process can be long and complicated, and it’s often aided by anti-slavery organizations.

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