Discussing all that you fear about AI.

In this MIT webinar, Kay Firth-Butterfield from World Economic Forum, Ya Xu from LinkedIn, and Charlotte Degot from BCG Gamma, share their views on debates surrounding AI. Do we need to set up laws and regulations to ensure the safe use of AI? Does AI create biases? Should we expect job losses and increased inequalities because of AI?

These questions (and more) are discussed in this webinar.

The webinar outlines some key points that we all need to think about: how can we create systems of collaborations between different disciplines to ensure that all of the concerns are addressed? Kay Firth-Butterfield expands on the benefits of such collaborations between scientists, businesses, academia, governments and NGOs. Similarly, how can we foster responsible innovation? Ya Xu described the four pillars of sustainable innovation that LinkedIn uses. And finally, how can companies tap into the benefits of AI? Charlotte Degot shared her three steps.

But most importantly, the leaders shared their views on what the impact of AI on our world will be. They explained that AI is finally forcing us to discuss important issues of racial discrimination and gender bias more, which will make us better humans. It is also allowing us to measure the effects of our business or lifestyle on the environment, which will make us more responsible. And, finally, it will make us more creative and more productive: it will cause a shift in how we think about work and the activities we engage with.

Click below to watch the full discussion.

Webinar: The Innovator’s Mindset: Creating a Better Tomorrow With AI

Related Reading S. Ransbotham, S. Khodabandeh, and K. Firth-Butterfield, Tech and Ethics: The World Economic Forum’s Kay Firth-Butterfield on Doing the Right Thing in AI, MIT Sloan Management Review, Nov. 17, 2020. In recent history, automation enabled modernization. Now we must ask, how can artificial intelligence inspire innovation?

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