The Future of Education: What should schools look like in the future?

The current education system in the US was created more than 400 years ago. It is a system based on training students to know the answers. Answers that they now have “at [their] fingertips“, thanks to technology!

Is it really possible, or even realistic, to expect the students of today to be truly engaged with this educational system? And even if you believe that it’s possible, is it really a system that prepares them for the future?

Probably not. Because technology has changed “how we live, work, play and think!”.

Half of today’s work activities could be automated by 2055. Less than 5% of occupations can be automated completely, but 60% could see 30% of their constituent activities automated. This is a very different world to the one our schools and universities were designed to serve.

Students don’t need to learn the answers, but how to search for them. To develop skills of creativity, adaptability and problem-solving. This is what this article by The Possible explains. It answers the following question: How can today’s schools and universities prepare students for a world that doesn’t yet exist?

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