AI is not only creating new jobs, but helping you find the right one for you too!

Artificial Intelligence is more often than not associated with changes in the labour market and a distinct fear of job losses. But A.I. will create more jobs than they will destroy, states a recent post by the World Economic Forum. However, these jobs will look different from what we’re used to, so we need to up-skill to make this transition seamless and fast.

But how do you know which skills are necessary when we don’t exactly know what the new jobs will entail?

This is exactly why a new AI program was built.

This program assesses the risk of job loss due to automation for different sectors and, according to your current occupation and skills, tells you what you need to work on to transition to a job that is AI-safe and similar to yours! (Hint: your new suggested occupation will be more creative, less time consuming and routine-based and more thought-provoking!)

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Fancy a career change? AI could help you decide your next move

New technologies can create new jobs, but the skills they require do not always match the old jobs. A research team from Australia have built a system that analyses more than 8 million online job ads to see what skills are likely to be successful.

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