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3D-Printed Organs To Save Human Lives.

“What new opportunities will open up when anybody, anywhere, and at any time can regenerate, replenish, and replace entire organs and metabolic systems on command?”. This is the question that Peter Diamandis analyses in his recent blog. His blog shares the newest advances in MedTech: the first successful heart transplant using an artificial heart.

Currently, artificial hearts are used for temporary purposes: to support the patient until an organ donor is found. However, Diamandis shares that in the near future, artificial organs have the potential to save millions of lives!

He explains that “Every 10 minutes someone is added to the organ transplant waiting list in the US”, demonstrating the great need to use technological advancements to find organ replacements.

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First Successful Transplant of a Robotic Heart

As of May 2021, there were over 100,000 people waiting for replacement organs across the country. And countless more people in need of “spare parts” never even make it onto the waiting list. On average, 17 people die each day while waiting for an organ transplant.

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