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Going Hybrid in Health Care: Why it Could Save Lives.

The power emerging technologies have in relation to health care is undeniable. From being able to monitor patients 24/7, to testing different treatments on their digital DNA profile to find the one that is most suitable – HealthTech is revolutionising our population’s health status. But maybe going all digital is not the best solution. At least, not yet.

In this essay shared by Wired, primary care physician Neil Singh shares his thoughts on the future of monitoring. He emphasiaes the need to develop a hybrid model of health care which takes advantage of ‘the best of both worlds’. More specifically, he explains how the doctor’s physical presence and psychological connection to the patient is also crucial to saving his/her life. We know that going hybrid is the future of work, but maybe it’s the future of health care too!

What If Doctors Are Always Watching, but Never There?

Every doctor is trailed by ghosts. One of my youngest was a 7-year-old boy I’ll call Oliver. He had an upset stomach, and his mother booked an early morning appointment with their family doctor so that he could still make it in time for class.

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