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Micro-robots are the future of healthcare!

Futurist Peter Diamandis is known for emphasising the need for health-care to move from being reactive to being proactive. This recent project does just that!

In 2016, the company Bionaut Labs started working on microscopic robots that would enter your body, diagnosing and treating central nervous system (CNS) disorders. These robots are smaller than a single grain of rice and have the accuracy of one milli-meter. Bionaut robots are currently being used to treat rare disorders, such as Huntington’s Disease, for which medical treatment has been inefficient. However, the company aims to develop their technology even further, so that microrobots can remain in the body. This will allow for constant monitoring of tissues and could potentially detect diseases before any symptoms appear! Not only will this aid in substantial cost savings, but will drastically improve the effectiveness of the treatment process.

Technology is revolutionising health care in more ways than we can imagine. Are you ready for a healthier and significantly longer life?

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Bionauts – robots in your body

What if a microscopic robot could treat diseases from within your body? That’s the vision of Bionaut Labs, an Israel-based startup that represents the future of converging technologies that impact healthcare. (Full disclosure: my venture fund BOLD Capital is an investor in Bionaut Labs.)

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