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World Economic Forum to host the first global ‘Tech Governance’ summit!

Technology is powerful. This means that we can use it to do great things; to address society’s most complex and difficult challenges, such as poverty, the housing crisis, inequality and ill-health. But it also means that, the mismanagement of technology, can result in an exacerbation of the problems which it aims to solve. How can we ensure responsible innovation? How can we manage technology in a way that will shape a great world full of potential?

These are the questions that World Economic Forum aims to solve this week, through the first global Technology Governance Summit! As they explain, leaders and innovators “have a responsibility to question how tech is designed, developed and implemented to shape a fairer, more responsible world”. We are currently in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution, where there is a blurring of lines between humanity and machines. This is why it is more important now than ever, to understand and address what this revolution demands: It demands that we address the reality of the responsibility that each of us has to accelerate its benefits and mitigate the risks.

Click below to read about this summit and listen to their full podcast on it!

A fairer world requires fairer tech. Here’s why

Leaders have a responsibility to question how tech is designed and developed. They can scale more than just solutions – they can scale an approach to a fairer, more responsible world.

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