This is what brainstorming with Artificial Intelligence (AI) looks like!

GTP-3, a “shockingly good autocomplete”, helped IDEO staff come up with innovative and creative ideas during brainstorming.

As explained in this blog, the team fed the program a pre-written prompt and then let it brainstorm on what should come next. But this did not include typical, google-like answers. Instead, the program came up with innovative and creative ideas that covered the needs described in the prompt.

The problem? Encouraging Millennials to save money. The solutions proposed by GTP-3? Creating a community platform where friends can share their saving goals and hold each other accountable; Personalised rewards for the user based on their purchasing history, and more!

Are you inspired by a future where people are literally having conversations with their AI partners? Click below to read more!

The Rules of Brainstorming Change When Artificial Intelligence Gets Involved. Here’s How.

My “partner” that day was a technology called GPT-3 from OpenAI. You may have heard of it already; if not, you can think of GPT-3 as a really good autocomplete. Like, shockingly good. Once I shared some of the output of my brainstorm with others on Slack, there were plenty of 🤯reactions-and honestly, our minds are still blown.

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