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This is how we build a better future.

What is your view on the Metaverse? On Artificial Intelligence and Robotics? on Virtual Reality?

You’re probably experiencing mixed feelings about these technologies, if not straight-up negative.

Yet, a quick scan through the history of science and technology shows the story of progress. Why, then, is it that technophobia is an increasingly common phenomenon? And even more interestingly, how can it be that we are excited about individual technologies (the newest green car, smart watch, VR video game) but negative about technology as a category?

We don’t know the answers to these questions. We do know, however, a better path. Instead of staying in this ‘grey zone’ of mixed optimism and pessimism, positive and negative emotions, we urge you to choose a side. The bright side.

What being an tech-optimist is NOT.

Yes, technology is not always great. Many of the problems that we are facing today have resulted either from the misuse or from the excessive use of certain technologies. Therefore, being an optimist about technology is certainly not about turning a blind eye to the negative consequences of certain technologies.

It is, however, about recognizing that the solution is “not to dial back on the technology. It’s to work continuously towards improving it”. Monitoring it and tweaking it to serve the good side.

Over the long term, the future is decided by optimist, said famously Futurist Kevin Kelly. And real evidence supports this claim. “Take Star Trek for example”, he said in a recent interview. “Star Trek has been an inspiration to creating so much of the technology that we use on a daily basis today”.

Aspirations are important. They create a picture that we can work towards actualizing.

What does the bright side look like?

  1. Virtual Reality (VR) transforms the educational system by turning learning into an enjoyable, memorable experience for children. It enables older people to feel connected to the world and to ‘travel’ to different countries, to see new things, to visit museums, concerts and festivals.
  2. Global warming is managed by carbon-capture technologies, drones that plant trees, smart cities, electric vehicles and renewable energy sources that have been enhanced to increase efficiency.
  3. AI and Robotics become our personal assistants. Going shopping, cooking meals, anticipating every need. They change the nature of work by taking away routine, low-creativity assignments, giving us the opportunity to learn more and tap into unexplored potential.
  4. Inclusivity becomes the norm. Tech changes what it means to be deaf, to have vision impairments, mental health conditions, physical disabilities.  
  5. Moving towards longevity. Healthcare goes hybrid, and sensors allow for the prevention and early diagnosis of conditions.

& much more.

You build a better future by focusing your efforts, energy and time on the bright side.

So, what does your bright side look like?  

Watch Kevin Kelly’s full interview on creating a better future below.

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