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“If you focus on something that’s both spectacular and engaging, you can last for a long, long time” says Jake Barton, founder of the museum consulting firm Local Projects, to the Insider. Yet, what does ‘engaging’ even mean? In a fast-paced world with Netflix, TikTok and an endless flow of information, how can art become innovative and museums become… interesting?

A recent post shared by futurist Pascal Bornet featured the innovative art work of Neil Mendoza at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. This is a project that breaks the traditional ‘Don’t Touch’ boundaries that invites children to interact with classical art pieces. As explained on his website “Mechanical Masterpieces is a collection of paintings reimagined for the 21st century. Optimized for short attention spans, it allows viewers to poke, switch, disco, inflate and water paintings to their heart’s content”.

Watch the video below!

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Pascal BORNET on LinkedIn: #happyweekend #inspiration #art | 147 comments

Brilliant combination of the digital, the mechanical and the traditional to introduce classic historical artworks to kids By artist Neil Mendoza at the… 147 comments on LinkedIn

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