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Metallaxis on Design: The hospital of the future.

What was the single most important lesson that covid-19 taught you? Chances are that the words disruption, innovation or adaptability came to mind. Well, here is a project that combines all three! The “Al Daayan Health District”‘s architects have shown us what adaptable design would look like. The named the project “The hospital of the future”, and we agree.

This low-rise ‘hospital of the future’ prototype helps to ensure that design can adapt and respond to the rapid changes that are currently shaping our world. It achieves this flexibility through the potential of modularity, prefabrication, and automation. “The project features prefabricated modular units, local farms for food and medicine, and high-tech facilities across gardens and water features” says this article by ArchDaily.

What do you think about this design? Watch the video below and share your thoughts with us!

The Hospital of the Future

Designed by OMA together with BuroHappold, the prototype for a low-rise hospital explores the potential of modularity, prefabrication, and automation in rela…

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