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Technology & Wellbeing: 4 anxiety-management apps!

As if a global pandemic wasn’t bad enough, data cited by the MedicalFuturist suggests that we are also experiencing a depidemic. This is a mental state of worry, anxiety, fear and loneliness associated with worrying about the virus, unemployment, social isolation and uncertainty. And, contrasting to the pandemic, this is not lighter on younger populations. In fact, it’s even worse for children! But overall, it’s affecting everyone!

Technology here is not the most obvious solution; besides we’ve all heard of the negative side effects: distraction, increased narcissism, expectation of instant gratification and even depression. Yet, when used appropriately, technology can be of great help.

In fact, meditation and stress management can be supported by technologies such as The Muse headband: a brain sensing headband that analyses your brain activity and gives you personalised feedback and exercises to help you relax. A VR program called ‘Deep VR’ places you deep under water, helping you to slow down whilst providing guidance to help you breathe better.

But if high tech isn’t for you, there are even simpler technology tools that you can use! For example, Calm is an application that teaches you how to meditate. It also has bed-time stories that are anxiety-relieving and guarantee a good night’s sleep!

If you’re feeling anxious and want to practice being more mindful and present, you can give these tools a try. Find the tool that works best for you in the blog post below.

And above all, stay healthy and stay ahead! Read more on wellbeing by clicking here.

How Can You Improve Your Mental Health With Technology – The Medical Futurist

Technology and mental well-being seem as profoundly antagonistic, but let The Medical Futurist show you how you can improve mental health with technology.

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