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Technology & Wellbeing: Seniors can travel hassle-free!

Travelling is only one click away for seniors with physical or cognitive disabilities, thanks to technology. A new VR program allows seniors to explore different cities, walk around museums, sit at parks and window-shop… with just one VR set.

Did you know how important it is to have new experiences and interactions as a senior? Travelling, learning new languages, interacting with people they don’t know… all of these experiences keep them thinking, keep them feeling engaged and create a sense of belonging. Most importantly, they challenge seniors! And who doesn’t know that challenges are key for maintaining a healthy memory and staying sharp and alert?

But, perhaps, the most importantly thing is that technologies such as these help to increase life satisfaction. They keep seniors feeling happy and enthused – feelings that are associated with lower mortality and morbidity in older adults!

With technology, everything becomes accessible. Click below to read the full story.

Technology can put travel at your fingertips [Promoting Senior Wellness]

Whether you’re itching to escape the cold and snowy winter or longing to relive the summer nostalgia of family road trips of years past, travel is often on our minds. And who can blame us?

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