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Metallaxis on Sustainability: Diving in on Paris’ sustainability plans.

More than 280 million euros are being invested, according to the World Economic Forum, to make Paris a sustainable city.

The mayor of Paris is aiming to add an additional 130 kilometers of bike-only lanes throughout the city as well as 130,000 new parking spots for bikes. Already, Paris has seen a 60% increase in recorded cycle trips between 2019 and 2020. Supporting this initiative is important for achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

But it doesn’t stop there. Soon, in Paris, you’ll be able to commute using a cable car. In the The World Economic Forum’s recent post, they explain that a new line is planning to link southern suburbs to the city centre. Trips from the suburbs to the centre usually took more than 30 minutes to complete. With this innovative technology, they will only take 17 minutes.

“The route will stretch for 4.5 km” says the World Economic Forum. As cable cars are electric, commuting to work will no longer generate pollutions or emissions. The project will cost 132 million euros and will be open to use by 2025.

Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s promise to make Paris a sustainable city has brought about a series of innovations and transformations. Other cities will soon need to address the same concerns; more than half of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050.

Making cities sustainable should be a top priority!

Click below to see Paris’ cable cars!

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