Metallaxis on Sustainability: Solar power will fuel the world.

You’ve heard of solar energy. You’ve also heard of its shortcomings: more expensive, less reliable as it depends on the weather and lower in efficiency. What if, with one innovation, we could address of all of these issues? This is what Founder of Heliogen Bill Gross explains in a recent video by Big Think.

His company uses thousands of mirrors, AI technologies, and machine learning to tap into the limitless power of our sun and power civilisation. You can watch a (very interesting) video on this below.

Soon, sustainable energy sources will be affordable, reliable and, most importantly, equally distributed and accessible by all.

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How concentrated solar power could fuel the future

NARRATOR: This magnifying glass has a technical name, a sunlight refinery. To use it, find somewhere really sunny, plop down a bunch of mirrors, bounce the sunlight into a single spot and you can melt just about anything. Okay, so it is kind of death ray-ish. Why do this?

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