Technology & Inclusivity: AI identifies discrimination threats and offers alternative solutions.

Moonshot is the name of the team that uses AI technology to identify individuals that are likely to engage with violent extremism or online harm and offer them a different point of view.

Since 2016, the company has been utilising technology for combating misinformation, hate speech and other online harm. How do they do this? They use a method that they call “The ReDirect Method”: using technology, they identify people who have been following a specific type of discriminatory/hate message for a while and, just like online companies, they redirect these individuals through advertisements to a different website. The website that they re-direct the user to “counters socially harmful narratives, arguments and beliefs espoused by the content for which they were originally searching”, says Moonshot on their website.

Imagine how similar AI tools can be used to monitor the spread of hate speech, misinformation and discrimination globally and aid at our fight for truth, acceptance, peace and equality for all.

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