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Technology & Inclusivity: Robots to assist people with disabilities.

Eating is one of the most basic activities. “Imagine having to ask someone to feed you every time you are hungry”, or even when you’re are craving something. “It completely takes away your sense of independence” says the roboticist behind this technology.

According to the team at Cornell University, the robot will learn to adjust to your natural timing over time and help you eat in a way that doesn’t feel unnatural, but more like it is an extension of your own body.

Once completed, assistive technologies such as this one can also help the elderly, which constitute a growing part of the population and are currently depending on their working children to take care of them, often creating that same feeling of dependance.

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A Team Is Developing Robotic Arms to Feed People With Spinal Injuries

Robots could become crucial caregivers in the future, with new technologies constantly in development to help improve the quality of life for the globe’s aging population and for people with physical disabilities. One example comes from Cornell University scientist Tapomayukh Bhattacharjee who is developing a robotic arm to help feed people with spinal injuries, a press statement explains.

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