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Preparing for Tomorrow: A video for your child.

There is no step-to-step guide that you can use to prepare for the fourth industrial revolution. Staying ahead has to do with your mindset, your skills and your motivation. It has to do with you choose to be. And this is a lesson adolescents need to learn fast.

As Mohammed Khaiata explains in his recent TED talk, to become a future leader you need to follow these three steps:
1. Find your passion. If you know what it is, that’s great! If you don’t, start exploring today.
2. Invest in improving your talent: find online courses, videos, training sessions and become an expert in the field that you are passionate about. Talent is a scarce resource.
3. Become a SUPER-Learner: to survive you need to become a FAST and GOOD learner. He explains that you need to learn and unlearn at unprecedented paces.

Watch the full video below:

How to lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution | Mohammed Khaiata | TEDxYouth@Perth

As the physical and digital worlds converge in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, digital transformation expert Mohammed Khaiata walks us through the skills w…

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