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The Rise of Social Robots: What are they? What can they do?

Have you heard of social robots? Chances are, that you have not. Usually robotics are mentioned for routine-based work in warehouses or for deliveries and physical work. But scientists have been working on a new type of robot: the social robot.

Social robots interact with people through conversations and… they even have personalities! They can understand social norms, interpret social cues and even be sarcastic. They are not as good as humans in how they communicate, but we can use them to achieve great impact.

Social robots can help us support and even transform education. As a recent blog by Furhat explains, social robots can be used to help you learn a language. Imagine entering a coffee shop and having a one hour French lesson with a social robot. It would probably be cheaper, more personalised and easily accessible way for everyone to work on their language skills. Social robots can also be used to help children with Autism Spectrum Disorder practice their social skills and behaviours. They can keep children busy as their parents work by reading them stories and enacting different characters.

And it doesn’t end there. Click below to read the full article on social robots and understand more about this disruptive emerging technology!

5 ways social robots are innovating the education industry- Furhat Robotics

“The adventure of life is to learn” – this was once said by the writer William Arthur Ward, and while maybe not everyone would agree on the adventure aspect, learning new things is a key part of life.

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