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With AI, you can finally avoid that pothole in the road!

AI will now also assist you at avoiding that pothole in the road to work that never seems to get fixed. According to this article by Freethink, the program is already being tested in Korea. As well as protecting the safety of drivers and improving the conditions for autonomous vehicles, this technology can also help avoid large costs:

“Potholes are not just a safety issue; the axel-snappers cost drivers about $3 billion annually in repairs in the US, AAA estimated in 2016.”– Freethink.

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Your future car may spot potholes

Soon, your car may be able to automatically spot that mineshaft of a pothole in the road that never seems to get fixed. Now, artificial intelligence can allow cars to spot potholes on the road ahead thanks to researchers at the Korea Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Technology.

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