Innovative robot cleans ships to reduce emissions & protect our ecosystems

Did you know that countless aquatic species that cover a ship’s hull, can result in a 40% increase in the ship’s fuel consumption?
In fact, this is a significant environmental problem. Maritime transport emits approximately 940 million tonnes of CO2 annually, which makes it responsible for 2.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, it is clear that we need fast and innovative solutions. This is why the HullSkater was developed! This new robot removes marine life that sticks to the bottom of crafts, helping to avoid “costly dry dock downtime and increases the time ships can spend at sea”, says this recent blog post by World Economic Forum.

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This underwater robot cleans ships to cut emissions and protect marine ecosystems

Build-ups of barnacles and other marine life make ships less fuel-efficient and can cause problems by introducing species to new environments. Could this high-tech crew member provide a solution?

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