New turbine produces all of a home’s energy needs in only seven seconds!

“The future of wind energy is bright” states this recent blog post by Interesting Engineering, which shares results from a new turbine developed by Vineyard Wind. This turbine has broken the global record by becoming the first turbine to produce enough power to supply 30,000 homes in only 24 hours.
Renewable energy is becoming cheaper and more efficient. This is industry will grow exponentially in the coming decades and disrupt the energy industry as we know it!

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New Offshore Wind Turbine to Power a House for 2 Days With a Single Spin

There is no denying windmills are powerful and clean sources of energy, but there’s always the naysayers that will try to convince you they can’t produce enough energy to efficiently power our communities. This may all soon change with the development of the Vineyard Wind project off Massachusetts.

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