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Are the pharmaceutical drugs you are taking safe?

At present, 5,000 pharmaceutical drugs exist on the market and almost a quarter of US adults take three or more prescription drugs each month. However, only 1,000 known side-effects have been identified. This is not because combinations have been tested and found to have no consequences. Instead, it is because the scale of the pharmaceutical market makes it impossible to run individual tests on each drug combination.

That was, until now!

A new AI program developed at Stanford University predicts side-effects of drug combinations using computer modelling! Click below to read more.

digest | Researchers use AI to model millions of drug combination side effects ” Kurzweil

contents – ~ story ~ by definition ~ by the numbers ~ selected reading Millions of people take approx. 5 or more medications a day – but testing the many side-effects of those pharmaceutical drug combinations has historically been difficult. Researchers at Stanford Univ.

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