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Car-sharing and Electric Vehicles Will Replace The Norm of Owning a Car

In this blog, Peter Diamandis shares his thoughts on the future of transportation, and states that “it will soon become un-economical and societally unacceptable for you to hold on to that old gas-guzzling car”. Why? Because the Electric Vehicle market is growing exponentially and becoming significantly cheaper. In fact, personal vehicles are currently costing us 0.53 USD per mile (=0.45 EUR), a significant difference from the cost of 0.04 USD per mile (0.034 EUR) that is expected for autonomous electric vehicles.
And it doesn’t stop there.
Partnerships between autonomous electric vehicle and car sharing companies will make the use of electric vehicles even cheaper and more convenient for all.

Private ownership of internal combustion engine cars will become a thing of the past.

Think about the benefits that car-sharing autonomous can have on traffic, our environment, our cities.

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You will not own a car in 10 years.

The era of the internal combustion engine (ICE) car is ending. We may have reached “peak ICE.” As Elon Musk predicted during Tesla’s recent “Battery Day” presentation, in the long-term there won’t be an ICE industry. From here on out, it’s all about electric vehicles and autonomous ride-sharing, and the implications for society and the automotive industry are HUGE.

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