VR could be the solution to over-population effects.

Virtual Reality (VR) headsets and accessories are becoming increasingly popular amongst video gamers, who use this innovation for immersive gameplay. But racing against friends or saving your community from a zombie apocalypse is only the tip of the iceberg.

Virtual reality will transform our world and cause disruptions in a number of industries. And this is a change that has been accelerated by the global pandemic.

Jeremy Bailenson, Founding Director of Virtual Human Interaction Lab, emphasises the impact VR will have on our lives through the familiar-to-all example of going to work.
What does VR have to do with this? He explains that the reason why we go into work every day is because of social connection and social presence.
With virtual reality, you will be able to be present… from home. And the impact of this change doesn’t stop there. Imagine the following:
Less people would commute to work every day, so less traffic accidents would occur.
Less fossil fuel would be burnt. Our environment will thrive.
We would observe significant increases in productivity due to the decreased productivity loss from “sitting in a box for an hour”.
Public health would improve. Less exposure to germs from public transport.
Our communities would function better. Less road rage and anxiety. More time spent with family and friends.

Remote work is the future.
Surveys have already revealed that more than half of the adults interviewed would prefer to continue to work from home after the pandemic.
-Millennials entering the workforce have consistently reported workplace flexibility and work-life balance as the most appealing and valued qualities.

You might be thinking “Yes… but working from home will not be the same”
Well, here’s why it can actually better! Click below.

Why virtual reality is necessary on a planet of 11 billion

VR experts consider the future of virtual reality as a tool for connectivity, exploration and sustainability. How can we make the most of this nascent technology? To sustain a planet of 11 billion people, developers and manufacturers will have to use virtual reality to eliminate waste.

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